Painted by Alice

About Alice

Alice Peto is an artist and illustrator based in Central London.

Working entirely by hand from her Central London studio, her drawings and watercolours can be found in children's books, lining nursery walls (a collection of her animals can be found at Dragon's of Walton Street) as well as those of other rooms in the house (her decorative flower paintings, birds and other works have featured in a variety of exhibitions) whilst also bringing colour and charm to invitations, maps, and other bespoke items and specially commissioned artworks.

Having trained in Florence, Alice spent seven years teaching art to children before the decision was made in 2010 to dedicate herself solely to illustration. Over the past two years she has created a range of china, from ovenware to tableware, featuring her most popular bird designs. She finds inspiration everywhere, from London to West Scotland, India to Africa, Matisse to the imaginations of the children she has taught.

Alice's Studio on the West Coast of Scotland


Contact Alice for more details:
07748 964 157